Welcome to Scotch4Dummies!  We are a group of 4 guys that are exploring the world of Scotch whisky.  We are not professional distillers or tied to any distillery.  We are a project manager, a chef, a biochemical engineer and a software developer, but we all like scotch.  This site is devoted to providing information to scotch drinkers who have ever been standing in the scotch isle at any liquor store and thought “Do I want to spend $XXX to try a new bottle?  If I could get some advice if this suits the style I am looking for, that would be great!”

We have recorded our reviews of scotches that we have had the opportunity to sample.  As we get more scotches, we will add more reviews.  We all have different tastes, so we hope you align with one of our styles and use these videos to make the best choice of scotch when you are at the store.