Two Finger Pour

Our Two Finger Pour not only gets you everything the as the One Finger Pour, but also access to our weekly pre-show Discord Audio Chat. This is a fun 30-minute chat with the Dummies as we set up for the weekly live show. We’re normally warming up with a dram and getting into some fun discussion before going live on YouTube. The 2-Finger Pour also gets you monthly coupon codes and discounts on Dummy Swag (Who doesn’t want a Scotch Whore T-Shirt?). And finally, your name will be added to each video as a Patreon Supporter, credit where credit is due because without you we can’t make our videos!

This includes:

  • Patreon Only Access to Private Posts
  • Discord Patreon Only Channel Access
  • Weekly Discord Audio Pre-Show before we go Live on YouTube
  • Monthly Discount Coupon codes for our Merchandise
  • Video Credits at the end of our review videos