The Whole Bottle

What do you want? We say this in jest, but actually mean it. At this level we really do hand you the keys to some of the creative content on the show. What do you want to see, what do you want to show case? Do you have ideas or comparisons that you want to see? Do you want to be on the show? Have a certain flight you want to do? If you’re a “Whole Bottle” Patron, we’re throwing you some special swag, whether it’s S4D glasses, epic samples (you know the unicorn bottles) or new creations that we’re always working on! This really is an exclusive level and one that is a bit above our comprehension. This level is obviously our highest priority and will get the most of our attention! So go BIG and take control of these Dummies….a little direction from you is probably what they need to take this to the next level! 😊

This includes:

  • Patreon Only Access to Private Posts
  • Discord Patreon Only Channel Access
  • Weekly Discord Audio Pre-Show before we go Live on YouTube
  • Monthly Discount Coupon codes for our Merchandise
  • Video Credits at the end of our review videos
  • Live Q&A Once a Month on YouTube! (Or General Chat if no serious questions)
  • Free S4D Patreon Coin
  • Personal Skype Calls (or FaceTime)
  • Gifts from us (Samples, Merchandise , Stuff) every few months
    Patreon T-Shirt
    S4D Glasses, Samples and more….
    Keys to our show….You Are The Streamboss!