It doesn’t always go as planned

Tech is not always the solution
Drew can do amazing things if you give him a glass of scotch, a computer, and 20 minutes to work. He runs our live show like a one man production crew while he oversees the chat and throws in random extra stuff that makes our show a lot of fun. (In my opinion, anyway) Sometimes we have a situation that is out of our hands, and this week was one of those times. Our internet has been problematic for a few days, and we didn’t have the ability to stream our show like normal. That was disappointing because we really love the interaction with our subscribers and we had a few cool announcements that will have to wait a week. We were able to have a live conversation on Discord with a few people and that was a lot of fun. We were also fortunate to have time to introduce a neighbor to the world of whisky.
Where do we begin?
We have more than a few bottles on the bar and almost everything is opened or can be. If you have watched us for any length of time, you know we don’t have a reserve section; we drink everything on the bar eventually. With so many choices in whisky, where do you start someone who is new and also has to work in the morning? We decided to start with some basics and let him try a sample from different whiskey producing areas and go from there. We began with Irish whiskey and chose Sexton to make the introduction. It is light and approachable like most Irish whiskey.sexton-irishwhiskey

The next stop was bourbon country, and we let Mike take him through Heaven Hill 6 year Bottled-in-Bond and talked through a few more.

heaven-hill-bib-bottle-vertical-01a We introduced scotch through Glenfiddich 21 year rum cask finish. I chose this one mostly because it was the lightest thing I had on the bar at 40 ABV and it is a unique flavor to contrast the other whiskeys.

Screen_Shot_2018-06-24_at_5.51.08_PM After thinking about it, the choices were pretty good considering the choices available and the short notice, but I think I would have maybe made a few substitutions if given more time to prepare.
What did I learn:
I have tasted many different whiskeys over the years, and that fact alone makes sampling scotch or other whiskeys with someone who is just discovering this world an enlightening experience. Once you have sampled and had an opportunity to compare scotches against one another, you forget how difficult it is to separate different flavors or to describe that subtle finish or mouthfeel. That is why I enjoy watching others and helping them to express what they smell and taste. We will have an opportunity next week to sample with newbies and well seasoned veterans at the Vine & Table Whiskey Expo, and I would encourage the veterans to help guide the new people in tasting and introduce them to your favorite distillery or bottle. It is all about the community after all, and I enjoy giving new arrivals a hearty welcome and a healthy dram.