“The Bunker Commander” Scotch 4 Dummies 3rd Fill Coin



Mark has always been known as the “Scotch Whore” for loving his scotch a little too much.  Throughout the years, he’s become a little obsessed with scotch, so much that he’s started to collect more scotch than he has room.  His house has become an impenetrable fortress, locked down with motion sessions, and lasers guarding his scotch stash.  You can almost envision him sitting on his chair smoking a cigar watching his security monitors waiting for someone to try and grab a quick dram.   Because of his madness, he has become “The Bunker Commander” collecting and whoarding his collection for years to come.

Each coin has a unique serial number making it a one-of-a-kind item.

The number on the coin will be the next available number in the collection unless a number is specifically requested and still available.
An effort will be made to match the request, but the coins are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. And current full set orders get preference for numbers. If none of your requested numbers are available, you will get the lowest next number available.

Click the link below to see what set is available.
3rd Set Challenge Coin Spreadsheet Inventory

Weight 1 oz


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