“Marzipan” Scotch4Dummies 2nd Fill Coin


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This is an exclusive serial numbered poker chip style coin based on a flavor noted by Shawn from Scotch4Dummies.

Shawn has the broadest palate of the 4 Dummies due to his years as a chef. One scotch triggered the smell of “Marzipan” that stumped the rest of the 4 dummies to ask “What’s Marzipan?” Shawn educated the rest of the 4 dummies after that and the phrase stuck.

The front side of the coin features the “I Smell Marzipan” logo available on t-shirts and other merchandise. The back of the coin has the unique serial number, “2nd Fill” designation, and the Scotch4dummies logo and mission.

The edge of the coin has the saying “I’m Still Pouring” Each coin has a unique serial number making it a one of a kind item.

The number on the coin will be the next available number in the collection unless a number is specifically requested and still available.
Effort will be made to match the request, but the coins are sold on first come first served basis. And current full set orders get preference for numbers. If none of your requested numbers are available, you will get the lowest next number available.

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