Four Finger Pour

At this level, you’re a Dummy (and we say that with pride)! As before this comes with the other 3 levels, but now you’re getting personal skype calls with the dummies as well as gifts from us, whether it’s scotch samples from our reviews, samples from things we don’t sample, or merch! It’s really the level where you’re a part of the internal sharing club. There’s a community of scotch lovers that really enjoy sharing interesting drams with each other and it really is a great way to expand your palate and appreciation! 

This includes:

  • Patreon Only Access to Private Posts
  • Discord Patreon Only Channel Access
  • Weekly Discord Audio Pre-Show before we go Live on YouTube
  • Monthly Discount Coupon codes for our Merchandise
  • Video Credits at the end of our review videos
  • Live Q&A Once a Month on YouTube! (Or General Chat if no serious questions)
  • Free S4D Patreon Coin
  • Personal Skype Calls (or FaceTime)
  • Gifts from us (Samples, Merchandise , Stuff) every few months
  • Patreon T-Shirt (After 2 months)