All part of the Journey

Greasing the wheels

This week we reDeanston PXviewed a bribe bottle.  Not a huge bribe, but the kind no one really had a problem with in the first place.  I felt I had to buy a bottle of Tamdhu to complement a bottle we were gifted and, the best place to search out anything that may be challenging to locate is, of course, on the internet.  I quickly located my bottle at and added it to the cart.  This is where the bribe comes in.  It is only a couple of dollars more to ship 2 bottles instead of one, and so I went to browse the selection.  That was where I discovered this beautiful bottle that we had heard some great things about and added it to the collection so no one would ask too many questions.

The journey is the best part

While getting ready to shoot this review, I went back to my notes about Deanston history.   I love the fact that this distillery is young in terms of scotch distilleries, and was actually a cotton mill since the late 1700’s.  The history of the community centered around the success and expansion of this business for almost 200 years until the mill closed.  This is the best part of the story for me because rather than allow the community to decline it decided to reinvent itself.  They began a distillery in the 1960’s and I am so happy this was the way they chose to revive industry in the village.  The whisky they produce here is flavorful, complex, and thoroughly enjoyable while remaining affordable.

The flavor of this scotch would be enough to keep me coming back, but I love the story of this distillery.  Deanston feels like the underdog in this story since the shutting down of the only industry in a community has been the downfall of countless towns and villages before.  That could have been the story here as well, but it turned out they beat the odds and now we all have the chance to enjoy a great dram from an underdog.

Scotch 4 Dummies really started as a reason to get together and discover new whisky.  On our journey, we have been introduced, by chance or by more knowledgeable peers, to several distilleries that I can’t say enough about.  They are the reason I will throw down $50-$100 to buy a bottle from a distillery I know nothing about on the chance it is amazing.   Deanston is one of those distilleries.  I had never heard of the distillery before we started reviewing scotch but, now that I have tried a few bottles, I will never forget it.  The story plus the amazing scotch will keep me coming to the bar every Thursday for a long time.  If you don’t believe me, buy a bottle and have a dram while you watch the review.  It’s the best way to watch us anyway.