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Hey Scotch Lovers, Mark here! I figure it’s high time I get involved in the blog conversations and thought I’d start off with a topic that I’ve been thinking a lot about of late…! So, what does that mean, in this context? Well, let’s start with you. When we decided to put a camera in […]

A difference of Opinion

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This week we released a review of the Balblair 90 2nd release and there was some difference of opinion about the flavors of the scotch and what we enjoyed about the bottle.  We were all very grateful to have this one and were looking forward to a formal review.  Mike has been dying for us […]

Glendronach, lie to me any time

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Businesses stretch the truth with consumers every day, and most of the time we are disappointed when our purchases do not live up to expectations.  We are used to products letting us down which is why it is so amazing when we find something that is better than anticipated.  Our reviews this week cover two […]

Challenge Coins Are In!

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We’ve finally made it! What is “IT” you ask?  We’ve decided that we need to start documenting this journey through something tangible, something that everyone can enjoy in!  That’s right, our Challenge Coins (Fill 1) are in and will be released to everyone this Thursday. We will be working on our next “Fill” soon, but […]